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Colorado Small Business Rising is a growing force of small businesses pushing to reduce the massive amount of regulation and taxation which are crushing small businesses. We fight for a true free market and oppose all special interests and rent-seekers. Small businesses will succeed in a laissez-faire environment and need no special programs or tax incentives.

Currently, businesses are experiencing tyranny at the whim of bureaucrats who work for regulatory agencies. Our passion is to fight for the very small businesses—from the sole proprietorships to the mom-and-pop operations. Typically, these hard-working Americans invest their life savings into opening a business with the intent to provide a good or service, and in turn, create prosperity. Imagine the horror when they realize they have enslaved themselves to a system of irrational, costly regulations, which prevent them from building the business. It becomes a vicious circle: They do not have the funds to continually challenge the regulators, and they cannot walk away from their livelihood. Year after year, the inspectors return with another costly demand. Afraid of retaliation, they stay silent.

Colorado Small Business Rising(CSBR) has three goals.

1) Educate.

Employers. Provide employers with materials to teach their employees about public policy and how it impacts their paychecks.

Employees. Educate employees about the intrusive regulations and their negative impact on employment and salaries. Employees and employers have common goals: They both want to be involved in successful business that provides opportunity, fulfillment, growth, advancement, and a sense of pride. Many current bureaucratic policies cause conflict and stunt business growth and job creation.

Regulatory agencies. Provide regulators with an understand the impact of regulation and taxation. Regulation and taxation cause negative unintended consequences.

2) Advocate

Legislation: Give these small entrepreneurs a seat at the legislature through lobbying efforts and writing legislation for true free markets and limited government.

Support membership: To support our membership by observing regulatory inspections and following the process by reviewing the inspection report and the actual regulations.

3) Publicize.

To make presentations to City Councils, County Commissioners and other regulatory agencies.

To publish articles and letters to the editor to industry publications and newspapers.

To have a voice through Grassroots Radio Colorado. We hope to make the public better understand true free market and limited government principles through discussion of the struggles small businesses face.

Best regards,

Susan Kochevar
Colorado Small Business Rising